does anyone wanna exchange FCs so I can get more things for the friend safari? or if you wanna trade Pokemon. I’m trying to complete my national dex so if someone could help out that’d be cool

haha give her the d #Pokemon
sleepy boy
Ava puppy is the best puppy
I love my dog
I’d have to say @avawinchester  is the cutest

Shiny Latias give away is here! The rules are simple.

1. Reblogs only count, but likes are loved equally. (Reblog as many times as you want)

2. No give away blogs! 

3. Begging means instant disqualification from give away.

4. If it hits 300 notes, I’ll throw in a battle ready shiny as well, the winner will have the option of picking one.

5. 350 notes will get you a battle with me! Cause why not?

6. Ends by the end of August! So reblog before you miss out!

Good luck everyone!
levels of love


1. ily
2. luv u
3. love you
4. i love you

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